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Challenge of IT translation.

Translating IT (Information Technology) documents is a challenge to address.

It is easy to prove the assumption that it is quicker to handle a text when the translators hold knowledge of the translated subject. It is absolutely essential to have profound knowledge when translating IT documents.


Terms used in IT jargon are very close to those day-to-day terms. It is very tempting to give a word to word translation while loosing the documents essence.


I have read many translated manuals and guides for IT gadgets and tutorials that left me speechless and helpless. It is a worthy cause to establish my own translation service.

Two major projects which I took part in inspired this:

The first one was a billing system for cellular operator. An Israeli firm bought German made software which was translated into English. My task was to create Hebrew documentation to this Babylon tower.

The second experience was while working for a local subsidiary of an international firm on 2K project (year 2000 bug). It was a challenging task to bridge a culture and technology gaps.  

2007-12-24 17:18:39 GMT
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